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i look forward to that. >> that's it. we're almost out of training time. kind of scary, next weekend running the triathlon along with nina, kendrick and my six-pack, some of our producers joining us, and and we will be live. keep up with the latest at right now a check of your top stories and on to mr. t.j. holmes. good moerng morning to you all. a day closer to default, and still, no deal. that clock continues to particular. the tone of the debate took a bit of a nasty turn and the tone seems to have changed overnight with more talk of compromise.
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now, we are standing by to here about two hikers held in iran. and then you will hear from the men who sin tau grated the marines. hello, i am t. j. holmes, and thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. this is what we're keeping an eye on today in the debt debate. 1:00 eastern time, that is when a vote is scheduled in the senate on majority leader harry reid's plan. that was the vote that was supposed to take place overnight but it was delayed late into the evening. listen to the senate majority leader. >> i have spoken to the white house quite a few times this evening and asked me to give everybody as much time as
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possible to see if a deal can be reached. >> the only way that can be done is with the president of the united states. and we're going to continue to work on that, and get this problem solved and let everybody in the country know we will not default for the first time in history, and that's how i am going to spend that time until we get that out come. >> the 1:00 eastern time is the vote, that's what we're keeping our eye on. and 8:00 eastern time, that is when the asian markets open, and that is relevant. the u.s. stock market had its worst week last week in more than a year. what happens in asia today could be the week to wuch. and then tuesday, that's when the government says it may not have the money to meet the obligations for the month of
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august, and that could lead to default. we warrant to hear from people on both sides on the aisle. interesting day, again, yes on capitol hill. >> i do think if we can come together on real cuts, which i belief there has been a ground work laid to do that every one -- not every one, but 90% of the senate in the house would support lifting the debt ceiling as long as there are cuts commensurate with that. >> we ought to get the folks in the room and lock the door and let nobody leave until these are worked through. there is so much back and forth. >> let me get to joe johns at the capitol there, and athena.
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any plans to lock them into the room? >> reporter: this is where we started yesterday. of course, a meeting happened with nancy pelosi and senate majority leader, harry yaed. and the president spoke with mitch mcconnell, and so we know these sorts of talks are going to continue. so if they decide another meeting will bring a breakthrough, that will happen. the framework is a tentative framework, and there's no deal and they don't know how close they are to a deal because there are several major details being
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discussed which is in line with what harry reid said, which is there is a distance to go to reach the final compromise. >> what is the framework as we know it so far, joe? >> reporter: right, and the best we can tell, this is what the president, the vice president apparently have been mostly to the senate republicans about, and it would include extending the borrowing authority of the united states, that's the debt limit, into 2030 which would avoid visiting the issue into the campaign. and the thing we're told to avoid most is really talking about the numbers that are involved in this, so we will stay away from that, but there are a few other ideas that would be an immediate debt limit increase that would be tied to some pretty healthy numbers in
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cutting the spending of government agencies over the next ten years, and there would also be a special congressional committee that finds savings and triggers a second round of cuts down the road. those are the broad outlines and things that have been discussed for sometime between democrats, republicans, and the white house. but these are very general ideas, t. j., and people are telling us to stay away from numbers. >> thank you both again. if you all get more information, we know it's early and on a sunday, but we know they are working. if you get anything we need to know we'll get you back in here. now, coming up in about 55 minutes, you can hear from senate majority leader, mch mcconnell, and joer blah borger
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is in for candy. you can join wolf blitzer. don't miss "get it done count down to debt crisis" here at 9:00 p.m. on cnn. and then two hikers back in a courtroom today. a verdict has been reached, and the verdict will be announced soon. bough tall and bower were hiking in northern iraq along the border of iran when they were arrested two years ago. the police say the three illegally crossed into iran.
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again, there are high hopes from the families of these two american hikers and also from their attorneys that maybe we could be getting to their freedom, but we are standing by and will bring you back as soon as we get word. a last-minute pardon spared one man eye for an eye sentence. iran state media reporting that that woman, bough ramy, she has changed her mind and is behind this decision. she was blinded with a man through acid in her face, and her attacker was to suffer the same fate in acore done with the law, and minutes before he was to have acid poured in her eyes,
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she asked that the punishment be stopped. now, a possible downgrade in america's credit rating could certainly impact us all. hopefully lawmakers will get this done. let us say good morning to reynolds wolf right now. >> we have a storm on the horizon, one by the name of emily. could be a good storm in the atlantis season. don was a dud that struck texas. they needed the rain and didn't get it. we'll talk about emily in just a moment. transfer! transfer! transfer! transfer! transfer! name is... peggy? come on!!! hello?
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see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure high protein. ensure! nutrition in charge! 12 minutes past the hour. let's say good morning once again to reynolds wolf. you will introduce us to emily? >> possibly.
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we see the air converging and the potential of this storm you see right here being named emily. but there is one thing, we see a little bit of development right here near the windward islands. it could sap the development from other storms that could develop as well. regardless, it looks leeward or windward islands will get some action. i can update you, kansas city, it has been just a miserable summer for you. 96 degrees. 104 in dallas where the summer will seem as though it will
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never end. and throw austin and san antonio into the mix. hot day for you. and then east, boston and new york, 86 in washington. and then look for a chance of severe storms to pop up in the plains, and then that is a snapshot in the forecast. >> thank you so much. we want to bring in our buddy from hln sports, joe carter. somebody says i want to make you the highest paid player, or highest paid professional in your profession, and you say no. you don't hear that every day. >> no, you don't. but this is coming from a guy that is above the rest of the league when it comes to moral standards. we're talking about peyton manning and he signed a new deal
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for less money to basically improve his team. now, he did take a pay cut. we should all be fortunate to take a pay cut and make $18 million a year. but the colts and peyton agreed to a deal for $90 million. the owner said he was willing to pay him $25 million a year, and he said no, hang on to that money and pay some of the others. we did a little digging and wanted to see, okay, how much does he make on the field and off the field. manning brings home $38 million with salary and endorsements, and brady brings home 30 million with salary and endorsements,
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and brady i wife brings more than peyton's wife brings home. so they win the financial war. >> he is doing it for the better of the team, and he wants to win a super bowl, of course. >> this time you see players holding out for the bigger paycheck, basically making him among the highest paid quarterback. >> you have good video for us. how does this rank? >> this is better than yesterday's tractor rodeo video. you see people go to professional baseball games for gloves, and there's a reason for that. a fan in the yankees game did not look his glove and was not looking at the game, because he took a ball right in the kisser.
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it hits him square in the face, and the result, a bloody nose. a fan back in june was on the cell phone, and he got hit in that same location. a reminder, if you are sitting there, look -- >> he looks -- >> i think somebody said foul ball, and -- definitely embarrassing. >> better than the tractor video yesterday. >> yes, we will not bring that back around. >> thank you so much, buddy. 17 minutes past the hour now. a possible downgrade of the u.s. credit rating. yes, bad for the u.s., but also bad for you. we'll explain. stay with me. we find the best, sweetest crab for red lobster we can find. yeah! [ male announcer ] hurry in to crabfest at red lobster.
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we're 19 minutes past the hour. we're keeping an eye on that clock right now and it continues to tick down. we're less than two days away now from the day that the u.s. might not be able to pay all of its bills and a possible default. that will be the first time in u.s. history that the u.s. defaulted on his obligations. they are under way. harry reid says there is still a chance, a distance, if you will,
5:20 am
a distance that is to be reached here. the senate is set to meet at 12:00, with a vote at 1:00 eastern time. one thing you have heard over and over and over is if no deal is reached the country's credit rating could be downgraded. >> never before has the u.s. had its credit rating downgraded, so it's different to know what the impact would be. one impact would be higher borrowing costs and that would affect everybody. on capitol hill they fielded questions but gave no answers. at the same time, a senior government bank examiner told lawmakers there's reason to worry. >> am i right to worry this could be real bad if our debt was downgraded? >> it's hard to measure, but i think you are right to worry, because it could happen and be a
5:21 am
big thing. >> just how big is the mystery since the highest rating downgraded would be unprecedented. it could cost the u.s. government $100 billion in extra borrowing costs over the term. consumers would also pay. >> we will get back to that in a moment. we wanted to bring you breaking developments. the verdict in the spying trial of two americans that have been held for two years now, you will remember the story. three hikers were arrested two years ago, and iran said they were illegally crossed into iran, and charged them with spying. and one was released and two remained in prison, and they had their day in court in tehran.
5:22 am
and now we are told there has been a verdict, but do we know what it is yet? >> reporter: we do not know what the verdict is, but the court had the last session and within one week they will issue the verdict, and according to the attorney for the two that i just talked to, if the verdict is guilty but the sentence is about two years, which is the same time they have served behind bars right now, he was hopeful that would be the case and they would be released. >> help us here, because we have been certainly in some out let's and they have been reported that being convicted of spying is actually punishable by death. why does the attorney believe that a sentence of two years would be handed down by this court? >> as far as i know, the charge of spying does not necessarily
5:23 am
carry a death penalty. it could but it's not necessarily so. and the reason that the lawyer is hopeful, as i explained, is that they actually are finding them innocent is out of the question since they have been behind bars for two years, and so the best we could hope for is for the court to find them guilty of one charges or two charges and give them credit for spent in jail. >> can you tell us how the court system might work, and why a week? why are we waiting a week before that verdict is released? >> this is the iran law that the court can have up to this week. it could happen anytime. right now n. a day, in a week. >> up to a week. okay. were the two men, were they in
5:24 am
court today? also, i don't know if you were in the court necessarily, but from what their attorney is telling you, maybe, what kind of mood are they in right now? are they hopeful as well? >> well, according to the attorney, both were present at court, and he said they look good physically, and i asked about the mental state, and he said while i was talking to them and with them their mental case looked normal. >> whenever that verdict is read, and let's say -- or released i should say, and let's say it's guilty and they will be released, how quickly could this all happen? >> again, within one week. as soon as the verdict is in, and if it is favorable the way we hope that it would be, then they could be released immediately or within one week.
5:25 am
you know, it takes a week. it could take up to a week but it could be immediate as well. >> okay. we appreciate you hopping on the line for us, and some important developments that many have been waiting to hear, the family and friends of the two men waiting to hear, bower and fau tall getting their day in court. it was two years to the day now that they were picked up by iranian authorities, and they said they accidentally crossed into iran, and the government said no they were spying. they have been held for the last two years, and sarah shourd was released for medical reasons. these two getting their day in court today, and now a verdict has been reached, we're told, in their spying case. we don't know that verdict just yet. you just heard our reporter telling us there. this could come out up to a
5:26 am
week, that's the time they have to release the verdict, and it could happen any minute or tomorrow or the day after that, we swrus don't know. but the attorney for the two men, telling us, cnn, that he is hopeful that there will be a favorable verdict, even if they are found guilty at this point, the attorney believes they have served their time, the two years they have been in prison. even if it's a guilty verdict, the attorney believes the men could be released and as soon as the verdict is read if it's favorable, they could be released immediately, and the two-year deal could, and i emphasize could, their ordeal could be over. breaking developments on this story. if that verdict happens to come out at any moment, we will bring it to you. we will take a quick break and come back. stay with me.
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our i-reporters making their voices heard on the web. listen to some of these opinions. >> this is your country's darkest hour, and it's time to stop rushing to the defense of big oil companies. it's time the super wealthy were made part of the national debt reducktion program. the time for compromise was weeks ago. do your jobs, congress. >> let's get out of this mess we're in regardless of who got us here and how it happened. we never defaulted on a loan and let's not start now.
5:29 am
>> you have one side that designs plans and the other side that votes against the plan. doesn't matter what is in the plan. >> how can this happen? how can we elect, quote, career politicians, unquote, that has done nothing to prevent this situation. >> i am with the majority of the americans that work hard to repay what we borrowed. i am not defaulting or walking away from our obligations, and we're using a strict budget to make sure our payments are debt and i expect the government to do the same. >> it should be simple, a one simple statement saying it's this amount rather than that amount. the way we correct our deficit and debt is through a balanced approach and most recognize this. >> all right. we're coming up on the bottom of the hour. i want you to stick around for
5:30 am
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i manage a network of over a thousand nurses, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at we're just past the bottom of the hour on this cnn sunday morning. i am t. j. holmes. thank you for spending part of your day here with us. we're keeping a close eye on washington, d.c. the vote seems to be sparking confidence in the possible deal getting down.
5:34 am
the vote was tabled while negotiations on modifying the plan gained steam. the white house got involved in the discussions yesterday. the president and vice president speaking with leader from both parties. be sure and stay here with cnn throughout the day. we will have continuing coverage of the countdown to the debt deadline. a christian group is using an advertising campaign to raise awareness about how poor people could be affected by spending cuts, the center of the debt ceiling debate. jim wallace, president of the group behind the ads. good morning to you. i want to listening to and letting you listen and our viewers listen to part of one of your campaign ads running on christian radio in several states. >> the book of proverbs teaches
5:35 am
where there is no leadership a nation falls and the poor aretioned while the rich have many friends. sadly congress has failed to heed these warnings and boehner is risking the health of our economy if america defaults on the debts, all to protect tax cuts for the rich and powerful. >> jim, let me bring you back in here. can it be a financial issue and a moral issue at the same time? >> well, it certainly is, t. j. a scircle of protection formed. we were all coming together to say that if you are protecting tax loopholes, corporate tax loopholes for the rich while shredding the safety net for the poor and that's a moral issue and religious issue. you have said how the world is watching, and we believe god is
5:36 am
watching the debate, too, and god is looking for how the poor and most vulnerable will be treated in any find deal here. >> you call this and say the budge sut a moral document. for those folks -- >> absolutely. >> -- who may not keep that in mind, some of the legislators, who might want to keep in the tax loopholes, what does that say about them in your opinion? are they immoral people? >> well, i think -- i think people of faith who are making these decisions should listen to their faith. the scriptures are very real. it was wars we financed off the books and tax cuts for the wealthy and runaway spending, and not about the poor. the faith community is saying how you treat the poorest and
5:37 am
most vulnerable is a biblical issue and a theological matter, and we are saying to those of faith, listen to your pastors and your here. we could exempt -- we are saying you must exempt the most vulnerable. there's a military industrial complex and corporate america, and there is all kinds of money we are not going after because they have lobbyist. our job is to look out for the poor. >> that is ideal what you are describing. a lot of people would say, in the real world, we can't make the budget a moral document because something has got to give. do you not agree with that? because there are some
5:38 am
realities, quite, frankly of our finances in the country. >> yeah, but the reality is who is going to sacrifice the most is who has the most powerful interest backing them. we are for fiscal health and financial responsibility. a deficit is a moral issue. but how you reduce a deficit is also a moral issue. to reduce a deficit on the backs of the most vulnerable is simply unacceptable. in the real world, we have in the past, exempted low income people, and we are calling on the president and democrats and republicans to simply exempt the most low income people from the cuts, and not going after where the real money is, and it's wrong to go after the poorest who have nobody to defend them while you are allowing the wealthiest to protect their benefits. and that's a moral choice.
5:39 am
>> mr. wallace, if it's all right, i would like to have you back on this topic. we ended up with breaking news this morning and i wish we could spend more time with you. it's always good to see and chat with you, but this is something that might get people thinking about the budget in a different way. good to see you as always. enjoy the rest of your sunday. >> good to see you, too, t. j. >> go to candy crowley taking a day off from me today. gloria bowser has to put up with me today. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. ♪ cialis for daily use is a clinically proven
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all right. about 18 minutes at the top of the hour, and lookie, lookie, what we have here, gloria borger is sitting in for candy crowley. >> you have to tell me, you have the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell coming up today.
5:43 am
what is your first question to him this morning? >> you know what it is. do we have a deal? right? he's the man with a plan and he's been talking to both the president and the vice president, and he was optimistic yesterday, and harry reid was not so optimistic yesterday, but it seems overnight things have gelled hopefully, and we may be nearing a deal on raising this debt ceiling. i think mitch mcconnell is the person to have in the hot seat this morning, don't you? >> yes, he seems like he -- i don't know, all these guys are power brokers. he seems to have become more of a power broker when he said i am going over here to the white house and going to talk over here. why was he insisting that the president got back in the mix in a major way? >> because the president is the only one that can give the final signoff on something. don't forget, it was the president that threatened to veto a short-term deal, and so he wanted to hear it directly
5:44 am
from the president. mitch mcconnell had to wait until john boehner got his bill through the house, and that took a couple days if you recall, and he had to wait until that was done to start negotiating really full steam ahead, because, of course, he supported boehner's plan, and he couldn't look like he was undercutting him in any way shape your form. when that passed, then you saw the speaker and mitch mcconnell go out there and say, okay, folks, we need to have some serious discussions, and hopefully we will hear in a short while what the fruit of those discussions is. i am sort of thinking that we are getting close. but we he will let us know. >> what do you think of the mood swings. it looked like things were deteriorating. >> my sources tell me reid was a little mifed at mcconnell. he thought he was going out there and saying that they were
5:45 am
close to a deal when in fact the democrats were not close to a deal. he really did not like that. i also think the democrats want to hold the white house's collective feet to the fire, and said don't cut a deal that leaves us out of it. we want to make sure that somewhere down the line, tax increases are part of a balanced plan to cut the deficit. i think these things are still very much being negotiated right now, and the democrats don't want to be the ones left out of it, because they will provide the votes to pass it in the house. >> this is a big interview, and everybody wants to hear that first question. that's a few minutes away. gloria, good to see you here on sunday morning. again, a big important interview that everybody needs to be listening to from a man that is involved in a major way in the negotiations, senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, and that's at the top of the hour.
5:46 am
also, an ohio police officer is on suspension for potentially going off on a couple of drivers, but going off with a gun in hand and making threats you have got to hear. it was all caught on tape. you will not believe there, and you will not want any officer like this pulling you over. [ automated voice speaks foreign language ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪ in here, forklifts drive themselves. no, he doesn't have it. yeah, we'll look on that. [ male announcer ] in here, friends leave you messages written in the air. that's it right there. [ male announcer ] it's the at&t network. and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. [ male announcer ] it's the at&t network. (telephone ring. pick up) usa prime credit. my name ...peggy. you got problem? peggy? third time i've called, it's time i speak with a supervisor. supervisor is genius...i transfer. transfer!
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about 11 minutes until the top of the hour now. we will turn to canton, ohio, where some people are demanding a suspended officer be fired. you will understand in a moment because you will see dash cam video that appears to show this officer threatening to shoot people during traffic stops. eric mansfield of our affiliate has the story. >> reporter: it was posted one
5:50 am
week ago and already it's an online must see. he was berated a driver that appears to be showing him his license. this one from a year ago. his temper again flares while instructing two people in the back of a car after a traffic stop for drunk driving. >> it's repeated behavior and a disturbing matter. >> in both cases, this officer's behavior is entirely egregious, he needs to be removed at once. >> in both cases, the officer is encountering a gun in the traffic stop. now it's up to police brass to
5:51 am
determine what is acceptable. >> that was our affiliate, wkyc. the police department did release a statement and it says, quote, the officer was relieved of duty and has not worked since the incident. it is being fully investigated. ten minutes until the top of the hour now. the answer to the nation's call in one of the darkest hours. the montford marines. stay with me. [ jon ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
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♪ yeah ♪ oh
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we're just about six minutes to the top of the hour here. gloria borger will be in for candy crowley on "state of the union."
5:55 am
also being joined by another key democrat in this whole debt debate, charles schumer. and then this is a breaking story we're getting out of iran. a verdict has been reached in the trial of two american hikers charged with spying. both were in court today, and two years after their arrest, as soon as we get the decision we will let you know. the verdict has been reached but has not been released, and it take up to a week to be released or could be released at any moment. and then the debt ceiling debt line is less than two days away. nothing official just yet. we are watching this one. could be another long day in washington. also, from georgetown, guy ana,
5:56 am
everybody survived a rough landing early yesterday morning. witnesses say the plane skid off the runway during a rainstorm. in 1941, president roosevelt opened the door for african-americans into the marine corps. and many heeded that call. they were not sent to regular boot camps, but instead they were segregated at montford point. >> we fought two kinds of wars, one in combat, and the other was right here. we fought jim crow and the
5:57 am
enemy. >> the men of montford point. it was the last branch that was still segregated. >> these were men that were so proud to be the first, and they were eager to learn. >> their initial excitement would soon be replaced with the reality of racism, in basic training and the lack of support waiting at home. >> in the corp. at that time, they were hellbent on making sure we did not receive what we needed. >> it was 18 long and hard months, and having all of the relics, we add some of the japanese flags we captured and other relics, and we literally
5:58 am
showed the crowd what we earned and what we did and had to do to get these relics, and despite that, that did not help. the fact that we were black men, and so racism continues on. >> across the armed services, they were delegated to serve in noncombative support roles, and the marines would have no exception. >> they have to fight their way to support you. >> he understands the importance of the montford point marines. >> so when they see me, and i am wearing three stars, they say, you know, i know it was tough for me, but it was worth it, because now i see you. >> and this weekend's event
5:59 am
marks the 46th convention for the association whose sole purpose is to preserve a legacy. >> we are working to confer the congressional gold medal this year on the montford point marines for their service to the united states, from world war ii, to the vietnam era, forever. >> great story this weekend. a lot of people may have never heard of the montford marines, and glad we could bring that story. >> those guys that you interviewed, they are some of the humble people and you had to draw it out of them. we're going to give you this information. this system which may be named emily in short order. the potential r

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